The It Switch

The more I thought about all the other bits and pieces that make up the Johnny Marr Jaguar, the more I realised that just buying the neck and the body (even the pick-ups too) wasn’t going to cut it.

jag close up 3One of the most obvious and significant differences is the circuitry inside the guitar that lets you switch from one pick-up to another, or use both in different arrangements, in order to modify the sound, or tone, of the guitar.

The switch on the Marr Jag is completely different to that of a regular Jaguar. Sure, I could easily put a regular Jaguar switch and circuitry in there, but that wasn’t what I wanted.

The original switch, fitted to standard Jaguars and used to erm, switch each pick-up on or off, was a bit bonkers. It operates like little light switches (on / off) and was prone to being inadvertently struck mid-strum by guitarists who could easily end up effectively turning themselves off while playing.

The modification of the switch on the Marr Jag is more than ergonomics or aesthetics though. It offers a different combination of pick-ups, and therefore a different sound.

It was clear that I needed the original switch to accompany the body and the neck.


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