A bridge too far

Speak to a guitar bore about Fender Jaguars and soon enough they’ll say something about the bridge – well, I would anyway.

bridgeThe bridge is the thing the strings rest on. It plays an important part in the overall sound of the guitar, and particularly in it staying properly in tune.

Regular Jaguar bridges have a reputation for not pulling their weight. They don’t stay still and they cause the guitar to go out of tune – in short.

The Marr Jag has a non-standard bridge, based on some of the elements in the bridge from a Fender Mustang, and is more securely anchored into the body of the guitar.

Could I opt for a regular Jaguar bridge? You bet. Did I want to? No, of course not.

Apart from anything else, the bridge on the Marr Jaguar is held in place with thicker screws, which probably mean bigger holes and – as prosaic as it might sound – I didn’t fancy being stuck with holes too big for any of the more commonly available modifications to fit into.

Why didn’t I call this section ‘take it to the bridge’…? Well, I love clichés as much as the next person, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

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