Good vibrations

Another of those fix-an-old-problem modifications Johnny Marr oversaw on the production of his Jag relates to the vibrato or tremolo unit – in particular the arm.

Jag close up 2Keeping the tremolo arm sitting at an angle that’s convenient for you while you’re playing is a challenge with Jaguars, apparently. The arm succumbs to gravity and starts pointing at the floor, making it difficult to grab and use while you’re playing. There are stacks of DIY cures for this, but the Marr Jag has a bespoke tremolo arm fitted with a little plastic sleeve that keeps the arm securely in place.

It’s made by another UK company, StayTrem, and they sell them as separates/upgrade parts.

Taking everything into account, I decided the vibrato unit and tremolo arm were the least of my concerns. Even supposing I got my hands on all the main components, there was going to be a period of time taken up with the re-spray and subsequent re-build. The vibrato unit and tremolo arm could wait.


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