Open and shut case

The Marr Jag comes in its own special case, which I really like the look of.

caseIt’s got a bit of a vintage vibe to it and is lined with blue crushed velvet – what’s not to like. The cases are made by a company in Los Angeles called G&G, who – I think – make cases for Fender, under license. I’m not completely sure about that.

What I am completely sure about is that having read the FAQ section of the G&G Cases website they sound like a bunch of what folks in California would know as assholes.

Added to which, I’d read a few reviews and discovered some owners weren’t hugely impressed with the build quality; the chief grumble was along the lines of I had one of their cases from back in the day and it was great, these modern ones aren’t as good.

Who knows. Not me. What I did know was that the case was not a priority.

Apart from anything else, being such a big and bulky item the shipping costs were likely to exceed the price of the case.


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