Business time

Having considered all the angle and possibilities, and decided what my next move would be, I had to get in among the bidding action.

body ebayThis was made marginally easier for me in that the neck and the body were listed as Buy it Now sales. So I did. Bought them now, I mean.

But not before I’d exchanged messages with the seller to ask about combined shipping. No problem, he assured me, all the way from New Jersey.

If I bought the neck and the body he’d send them together, to cut down on shipping costs. Furthermore, he said, if I was prepared to pay him direct – IE not through ebay – he’d include the neck plate and give me a discount on the total price.

neck ebayThe discount was tiny. Not enough to make flouting ebay’s rules worth considering.

So I just bought them via ebay.

He sent them separately, without combining them to reduce my shipping costs as he’d said he would. Which was disappointing, but in the scheme of things it barely mattered.


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