At your bidding

OK, so the two largest and – to all intents and purposes – most significant parts of the guitar were in the bag. Well, in a couple of boxes actually. But you know what I mean.

Now the pressure was on to make sure I got my hands on the other important parts of the guitar. From the list of available parts there were a few I decided I could live without – the case, as mentioned, and the vibrato unit, which is easy enough to replace with a standard issue item.

Of the remaining items I’d decided that I had to have the switches at all costs – without them the whole project would be undermined.

In an open auction there’s only one way to make sure you get what you want … out spend the other bidders.

All the items already had bids on them when I joined in and I quickly found out I wasn’t the only person who saw the significance of the switches… I put in a bid and was almost immediately out bid. That pattern repeated itself for a few days (there were about six days left in the auction) until I decided enough was enough.

I set my ‘maximum bid’ to a level that I was sure no one else was going to be crazy enough to match.

It’s not a particularly clever strategy, but it worked.

I did the same thing with the other key piece I wanted – the bridge. That worked too.

The pick-ups were not irreplaceable, but knowing the closest approximation (from Bare Knuckle) would set me back £140 meant I knew what my realistic bid in the auction should be… high enough to make me the likely winner, not so high that it didn’t make sense.

That also worked.

The neckplate had a different kind of significance for me. Put simply, I was less concerned with having it as I was about making sure no one else did; after all, what possible use could it be to someone who didn’t have the rest of the guitar?

I put a fairly chunky bid in for it, and won that one too.

The other item up for sale was a bundle of all the tags and paperwork that came with the guitar, along with the strap and lead that accompanied it.

Again, I wasn’t overly fussed with that stuff but stuck a bid in anyway, and it came good for me.

I did put a bid in on the vibrato unit, but not a very high one.

Someone else won, which is what I anticipated.


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