A little background

I’d been a huge fan of Johnny Marr since the early 1980s, and had followed what his was doing from the Smiths, through Electronic, the Healers, the Cribs, up to the present day and the birth of his new solo career. So when Fender issued the Johnny Marr Signature Edition Jaguar I was delighted.

Did I want one? Maybe. Probably. But I wasn’t entirely sure. Yes, it looked amazing. But it wasn’t cheap and I didn’t really like the colours that it came in.

For a while I thought about buying one and having it re-sprayed. But I didn’t think I could bring myself to buy a perfectly good guitar and then take it to bits.

And then one day the universe sent me a sign. I found someone on ebay who’d done precisely that – taken an Olympic White (cream) Johnny Marr Signature Edition Jaguar, broken it down into its component parts and put them all up for sale separately.

Once I’d got over my initial reaction )which was basically, who the hell takes a perfectly good guitar and breaks it up just to profit from selling it as separates..?) it felt like I knew what I was going to do next – buy the neck and the body, have the latter re-sprayed, but essentially maintain the integrity of the guitar by rejoining the original neck and body.

It turned out not to be quite that straightforward though.