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My visit to Caveman Vintage Music, Los Angeles

If you read the post about the vibrato unit (Good Vibrations) you’ll know that I elected not to buy the one off the original #MarrJag. That meant I was going to have to get one separately, obviously. I looked online. … Continue reading

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Interesting local customs

The seller of the disembodied Marr Jag lives in New Jersey, in the USA. That meant everything I’d bought would take around two or three weeks to arrive and would have to pass through UK customs. I’m not a very … Continue reading

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At your bidding

OK, so the two largest and – to all intents and purposes – most significant parts of the guitar were in the bag. Well, in a couple of boxes actually. But you know what I mean. Now the pressure was … Continue reading

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Business time

Having considered all the angle and possibilities, and decided what my next move would be, I had to get in among the bidding action. This was made marginally easier for me in that the neck and the body were listed … Continue reading

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Open and shut case

The Marr Jag comes in its own special case, which I really like the look of. It’s got a bit of a vintage vibe to it and is lined with blue crushed velvet – what’s not to like. The cases … Continue reading

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Good vibrations

Another of those fix-an-old-problem modifications Johnny Marr oversaw on the production of his Jag relates to the vibrato or tremolo unit – in particular the arm. Keeping the tremolo arm sitting at an angle that’s convenient for you while you’re … Continue reading

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A bridge too far

Speak to a guitar bore about Fender Jaguars and soon enough they’ll say something about the bridge – well, I would anyway. The bridge is the thing the strings rest on. It plays an important part in the overall sound … Continue reading

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I am not a number

Every guitar has a serial number – a unique identifier that can tell you what it is, where is made, and when. As with everything else that had come off the Johnny Marr Jag I was looking at on ebay, … Continue reading

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The It Switch

The more I thought about all the other bits and pieces that make up the Johnny Marr Jaguar, the more I realised that just buying the neck and the body (even the pick-ups too) wasn’t going to cut it. One … Continue reading

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Pick me up before you go go

Pick-ups are important. They’re little magnets wrapped in thousands of wire coils that turn string vibrations into loud guitar noises. The magnetic field – created by the magnet in the pick-up, no less – detects string vibrations caused when the … Continue reading

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